NOTE:  This post is meant to be for fun only – please enjoy it as such! Younger generations seem to be opting for pets rather than children in larger numbers than earlier ones.  So…I decided to do a little research to see which is more economical.  Turns out the millennials may be on to something! MEDICAL Be they veterinary, or human, medical costs are expensive and only rising.  Gone are the days of $50.00 vet or pediatrician visits.  Hello to dropping at least $150.00 whenever visiting a medical professional.  Here is the breakdown: Veterinarian bills over the lifetime of a dog – approximately $22,000 Veterinarian bills over the lifetime of a cat - approximately $18,000 Pediatric Bills for a child up to the age of 18 - $12,024 plus vaccines at $3,150 = $15,174.  Or you can spend (in case something extra is needed) $34,895.00 for insurance, which will, of course, require a co-pay. EDUCATION Since we’re only talking about raising a child to the age of 18 here, education through public school, is very cheap.  (Not free, since there are…

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