It's only natural that we lavish love on our furry companions -sometimes in the form of DIY pet projects.  It’s great to watch your pet enjoy something you’ve made.  And you’ll never hear them say that it’s the wrong color, or it’s lame, or the other pets will make fun of them. We all love our pets, and, sometimes, part of that love is making a hand-crafted pet project just for them.  Some crafters sew blankets.  Other, more ambitious ones, make complete dog or cat beds.  Toys play an important role in preparing kittens and puppies for adulthood.  These little ones learn social interaction and hunting skills (for cats) from playing with toys.  Dogs learn how to play safely within a group. There are Halloween costumes for your pets, toys filled with catnip, doggie diapers for pets with medical issues, and the list goes on.  Some have even made a good living doing nothing but making fun things for dogs and cats.  Check out Etsy - there are 64 PAGES of crafts-people making items for your pets. There are 89.7…

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